Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova Via Gradenigo 6/B I-35100 Padova, Italy

Instrumentation and Measurement Group

The Instrumentation and Measurement Research Group has been active for over twenty years, following the evolution of measurement and instrumentation and recording the advent of entirely new fields of activity. During those years, the group gathered a solid background in digital processing and statistical analysis, essential tools in the design of modern instruments and measurement algorithms, and applied them to a variety of fields. In this context, the Instrumentation and Measurement Research Group has been an important support for teaching activities, both as training for students and thesis proposals (over twenty each year). Moreover, recently, the experience in the key fields of the electromagnetic compatibility, and wireless networks made the laboratory to a be an important reference point for the territory, in terms of concrete support in industrial topics and environmental monitoring.

At present, main interests are:

Electromagnetic compatibility: Measurement methods for EMC testing, environmental EMC monitoring, design criteria for EMC compliance.

Measurement for telecommunications: Analysis and monitoring of network traffic, measurement of mobile communications systems.

Measurement system architectures: Distributed measurement systems, networked instrumentation, real-time networks.

Wireless Systems: Measurement methods for the evaluation of the reliability and robustness of any wireless network and protocol, espacially in the ISM and UHF RFID bands.

Synchronization: clock modelling, simulators development, uncertainty evaluation